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Executive Summary

Mantacor (Pty) Ltd is a Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Spinoff Company created to take the Weldcore® products and processes to the market. The company, managed by a team that was an integral part of the technology development, can be considered an innovative engineering company that prides itself in generating unique and innovative “turnkey” solutions for industry. Mantacor was established as the “vehicle” for the commercialisation of engineering technologies pertaining to Friction Processing and plant life cycle management. All IP is exclusively licensed by the NMMU to Mantacor.

The Process

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Weldcore® Background

Materials exposed to mechanical stresses, below the yield point of the material, over prolonged periods of time, tend to deform permanently, due to the phenomenon known as creep. This phenomenon is more severe at elevated temperatures. Creep is typically experienced by high temperature and pressure components such as steam bearing structures found in thermal power generation plants.

The safe operating lifetimes of materials utilised in steam bearing structures of thermal power generation plants are calculated according to the envisaged exposure to certain elevated temperatures and pressure, as expected high margins of safety are built into the lifetime calculations. This invariably leads to structures prematurely reaching the perceived end of lifetime (EOL) and requiring replacement with huge cost implications both from a structural point of view and down time.

To determine the actual state of the material and predict remaining life requires continuous removal of metallurgical samples from the areas of concern; methods currently employed by the power generation industry generate data from the surface or shallow sub-surface samples which do not generate data with increasing depth into the side wall of the steam bearing pipe work. It follows that in attempting to operate these power generation plants beyond design life a reliable and accurate assessment needs to be done of the actual material state in areas of concern and therefore data with increasing depth into the side wall is of paramount importance.

The Weldcore® process was developed from this requirement.

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Weldcore® Process

WeldCore® is a patented sampling and repair process. This process was developed in conjunction with Eskom: Innovation and Sustainability division and is seen by the power generation industry worldwide as the future solution to in situ material sampling and reparation of high pressure steam lines.

The process involves the removal of a representative cylindrical metallurgical sample from the side wall of a steam pipe or similar component, primarily exposed to high pressure and temperature, the repair of the blind hole at the removal site in the steam line using Friction Tapered Hydro Pillar Processing (FTHPP), a solid state welding technique.

The WeldCore® process is a two stage process, stage 1, the removal of the metallurgical sample (Coring stage), and stage 2, repair of the sample site by means of Friction Tapered Hydro Pillar Processing – FTHPP (Plugging stage).


Weldcore® Equipment

The complete WeldCore® process is done using equipment which was designed, optimised and implemented in-house. The current WeldCore® equipment is the 3rd iteration of the original concept.

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